Friday, January 29, 2010

1-29-10 - Only In North Idaho Do They Have Parades In Winter

So for this evening we were going to the 1st Annual Priest River Bear Naked Winterfest where my friend entered his business, NBR Home Services, in the parade. I feel kind of sorry for the organizers of this event because it spanned two days and originally had a bunch of activities centered around snow. Like snow golfing, snow sculptures etc. We'll low and behold we are having a totally mild winter and there wasn't any snow to really speak of anywhere to be found.

In the afternoon we went over to NBR Home Services headquarters so the kids could help get stuff ready and help wash the truck etc. We'll most of them ended up driving around the NBR Hauler all afternoon.

 Maddie and Dakota helped Scott a bit with the lights (not sure if it was actual help but Scott was patient with them and allowed them to contribute.)

Tucker, the dog found a new buddy in Maddie since she was willing to throw the ball non-stop for him.

Of course all new ventures hit technical glitches on the first run. There were two this day:
1. a dirty truck and a half frozen hose...
At this water pressure rate it's going to take forever to get the job done.

2. The fact that aluminum and magnets don't work together. 
(Time for tape)
(Riley Dog checking out the work)
 They worked nicely on the truck though...

Jerry brought over a hose that wasn't half frozen. 

All the teenagers that had been previously hanging around made a hasty retreat for unknown far away places to avoid anything involving cold water and 30 degree weather. I have to add hand washing a vehicle in the middle of winter to be another one of those "only in North Idaho" events by the way...

Jerry and Scott tackled the truck washing job.

I printed out a flyer to go with the Press Release that was going out the next morning so that the community was really the ones to hear officially about NBR Home Services community service project to help 12 homeowners for free this year. (I'll be making a post about this by itself within the next day or so.)

Once the truck, trailer & flyers were done we headed to town and stopped at Burger Express to eat. Unfortunately, I left the camera in my vehicle so no dinner photos but I have witnesses we all ate within 5 feet of one another so this day counts :-)

Here's the photo of the truck and trailer lit up with Christmas lights. It wasn't done up as much as other entries but not bad for only finding out about the parade a week before then scrambling to just be there for the PR effect.
(Dakota helped Scott get it all plugged in)

(At least the inverter worked like it should)

There were actually a lot more people there than we even expected. I'm a chick so we have a hard time gauging distances or numbers of a crowd but there were a bunch of people around fire pits drinking the most nasty micro-brew I've ever had the displeasure of tasting. I still think I have the taste of it lingering.. yuck. 

You know only in North Idaho does anyone even consider having an event, including a parade, in winter. They ended up scrambling to adjust the event for LACK of snow. Most cities would be figuring out how to cancel because of bad weather. You just have to love it here!

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  1. You guys must have something inside of you that us Southern Californians are sorely lacking :(. You rule!!!