Monday, August 29, 2011

All we needed was some pink lemonade...

So some of you may remember the post I did earlier where we all went fishing and I felt that Powerbait was a waste of money.... Here's the link to that post: Powerbait.... I think not...

On Friday night I went fishing with Skye while Hunter was at a out of town football game and I caught a really nice big one (the biggest I've gotten all season) along with two others and Skye got one:  the photo isn't that great because it was dark when we left.
See him there?... He's the 2nd from the right...

Now to address the Powerbait issue. I have changed my mind about Powerbait after this weekend. I caught my limit of trout on Saturday using the stuff. I then called Aunt Nel and Uncle Jerry and told them they needed to come fishing with me on Sunday, where we all proceeded to catch 11 fish combined and then I went out to a different lake last night and caught some more (they were using worms and sometimes the Powerbait and I just used the Powerbait.) I hit the limit yesterday also.

The kind that the fish finally liked is called Pink Lemonade... it's hot pink and really bright yellow... Next week they may like something else but for now that's what I'll keep using until I have to switch.

Yesterday was just a really nice day with Nel and Jerry... we fished... saw an Eagle fly directly over us... just all around fun...

Nel and Jerry

Nel with one of her catch....

On another note... does anyone happen to know what these berry type things are?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You can do it at a trot... you can do it at a gallop...

Me & Hunter
For those of you in Washington remember the Puyallup Fair commercial song? I tried to find it on YouTube but wasn't successful... I did find this audio track though: Do The Puyallup Fair Song Ahhhh, memories of the most annoying commercial song that stuck in your head for months...

Alright, I did it... I went to a fair and I went on ONE ride... Hunter and I went to the Northwest Montana State Fair in Kalispell, Montana and  we met Skye, her Dad (Brian), and her Sister (Sylvia) there.

I had a good time but I just don't think I am a larger crowd type of person. I think I would have rather been fishing but I did enjoy the animals & the exhibits, which would have taken me all of an hour or two to see.

The best part of the day was the 5.00 I spent to watch Hunter get thrown off the mechanical bull, not only once but twice... Here's a video. It's only about a minute long and well worth watching:

Here are some pictures...

Skye's Sister, Sylvia

Skye's Dad, Brian

My one and only ride... Bumper cars, of course!

Brian and I teaming up on getting Hunter from two sides.

Hunter & Skye

Hunter & Skye way up there on the "puke me" ride

Sunday, August 21, 2011

It just never would have happened before...

Yesterday I went Huckleberry picking with Auntie Nell & Marion... It was really an eye opener in a few respects....

There is no way I would have been able to hike up that hill through brush and over downed trees being 100+ pounds heavier. I wouldn't have been even able to tolerate just sitting still in the sunshine before and not doing anything remotely physical. It was really an eye opener... I did feel muscles last night that I never knew existed but it felt good that I did it and didn't give up.

The 2nd eye opener... I now understand why there are buyer's out there paying as much as 55.00 a gallon for the berries. It's really hard picking and I certainly won't be joining the groups of people up here who spend weeks picking and selling for their income.

It was relaxing though just sitting there among the bushes enjoying the great view & peace and quiet...

Today's adventure is that I'm going to the Flathead County Fair in Kalispell, Montana with Hunter. That would have never happened before either... I'll post later how that goes.
View from the "road"

View from the "road"

Nellie (left - back) & Marion (right - front) picking away.

Nellie back in there picking.

Marion picking in her spot.

View from where we hiked up the hill.

Pretty wild flowers were all around too...

Berry juice proof that I was up there :-)