Friday, January 15, 2010

1/15/10 - Start of Trip to Lake Coeur d'Alene

So after waking up in the hotel and running to Wal-Mart where Hunter proceeded to give me MAJOR grief about what I thought he should get for a shirt we packed up and dumped the boys at the airport. I watched them go thru security then Madeleine and I made our escape.

We went to the mall and found the girls bathing suits at Sears then proceeded to the salon where I get my nails done because I was in badly need of a fill. I think they turned out decent.

By the time my nails got done we didn't have time to do a few more things I had planned because stuff always takes longer than you expect so we headed out to pick up Megan from her house.

We got to her house just moments before she got off the school bus so I used the opportunity to tap into my friends internet to send a bank wire & do a little bit of work. Then we loaded up and headed south.

Our first stop was dinner at Red Lobster because I had a gift card for there and I was in the mood for Seafood. Madeleine had the Shrimp-Trio, Megan had Lobster Nachos and I had a side of Snow Crab Legs added to Maddie's order. We all had salads & of course, their cheese/herb biscuits... Yum...

Megan also tasted crab for the very first time. She's had a lot of other kinds of seafood but had never had crab before. She liked it...

Our next stop was a quick pit stop at K-mart for ice tea & munchies then we hit the road and go to the resort where we checked into our unit. We got a really great one in a close proximity to the pool unlike the last time we stayed there and the kids had to walk a LONG way in negative degree weather. Although, it wasn't as cold this time it was nice that I could see them walking from the balcony.
My Room
My Bathroom
Standing in LR toward Kitchen
From Kitchen toward LR
Girl's Bathroom
Megan's Room
Maddie's Room
View from Balcony (Building in the Center after the Grass is the Pool House)

After we got settled in, of course the girls went down to the pool for a swim, then the girls got into new jammies I got them and we all piled on my bed to watch the movie "50 First Dates". Maddie was also painting Megan's toe nails at the same time. I was showing Maddie how to put toilet paper between Megan's toes so they wouldn't get messed up and we got to find out that Megan is even more tickelish than I am... it was funny I wouldn't even be touching her and she'd be giggling like I was.
By the end of the weekend Megan found out is was a waste of time to try to hide my picture taking and she just gave in but since this was the first night she was still trying to avoid the camera.

Still trying to hide but it didn't work... I actually think this is a cute picture.
Everyone's multi-tasking, Maddie doing nails & watching movie, Megan Texting on her cell, getting her toes done & watching movie, I was taking photos & watching movie. Us girls are one talented bunch :-)
No one said that this was going to be Maddie's profession :-)

I made it about 1/2 way into the movie before I fell asleep (Par for the course with me... normally I'm out before the credits are over with). The girls left my room and stayed up doing who-knows-what until well after 2:30 according to their report the next morning.

Anyway, that's our first day of the trip and gets logged as successful since I had dinner with the only two children who were with me at the time.

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