Sunday, January 17, 2010

1/17/10 - Day 3 Part 2 - Lake Coeur d'Alene Trip

Earlier in the afternoon when I got back from the store I made some cookies so Megan and I played Uno for quite a while, ate a few of the cookies and then around 5:30 I woke Madeleine up. Since no one was hungry for dinner yet the girls once again headed off to the pool and when they go back we ate dinner. We had left over Mac N' Cheese & veggies.

As the weekend went on Megan got better about just submitting to my picture taking.

Madeline on the other hand became more and more of a PIA about it.
Probably because she knew it was pissing me off.

After dinner the girls hung out and I went to take a nap but was so tired I honestly went to sleep. It was after 7:30 pm so I didn't feel bad about it.

Since this was our 2nd meal of the day together it gets to be a make-up meal.

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