Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1-26-10 - Is There Anything Better Than Memory Foam?

Today I actually was on top of getting dinner cooked and on the table. I had a chicken thawed out in the fridge that needed to be eaten so I popped that into the oven and we had Roast Chicken & Broccoli.

Boyce, the rented neighbor child, set the table. We are still working with him to put the forks on the left side where they belong but he was the only one to step up to the plate (so to speak) and get it done so he gets points for that.

One of these days I'll get all the children at the table to look good in the photo at one time. For now they are taking turns of who looks the best in each frame.

I'm now planted on my bed with my laptop... I'm in heaven to tell you honestly. I sat at my table all day working today so to be horizontal on my memory foam feels so good.

Is there really anything better than memory foam in the world? I have my doubts...


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