Sunday, January 17, 2010

1/17/10 - Day 3 Part 1 - Lake Coeur d'Alene Trip

So I woke up early early in the morning then went back to bed and woke up a 2nd time around 9am when my sister Kelly called me. She thought the boys were flying out this day and was rushing to wake them up. Once she was on the correct path I got up and made the girls a nice breakfast of Pancakes with real maple syrup, eggs & bacon.

Once it was ready I woke them up around 11am or so to start their day... We set the table and sat down to eat...

After breakfast was done and we threw the dishes into the dishwasher the girls requested Visine for their eyes since the chlorine was getting to them. I headed off to the market and while out I detoured through the salon... got my eyebrows done and had the lady chop off about 2 inches on my hair. I picked up the Visine, a Uno card game and headed back to the resort.

When I got back the girls were once again at the pool so I sent a text message to Megan's phone to let them know I was back. Soon they arrived at the unit where they got the eye drops and we sat down to play Uno.

Madeleine was being in an out of sorts mood so I sent her off to take a nap.. she fell asleep within minutes and I proceeded to get my ass kicked by a 12 year old who outscored me shamelessly.

Since this was the first meal of the day it gets marked as a success...


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