Friday, January 1, 2010

1/1/10- Offical Start Date - Off to a Good Start

Oh what can I say about New Years Day.... it's the first day of a new year (and in this case a new decade). A day where people think of fresh starts and resolutions and making positive changes.... I'm not that positive about this day each year.. I'm much to cynical about this holiday.

For me it's a day after New Years Eve which is a day I dislike immensly on so many levels I won't even go into it but let's just say I have no interest in watching television on that night so I can watch people across the world kissing each other at the stroke of Midnight starting in Australia and making it's way over here to the West Coast. I guess I can be thankful I don't live in Hawaii which would add another 4 hours to the whole ordeal.

Anyway, I did have the day off and finally got my butt out of bed about 1pm and decided I needed to drive. I had a gift certificate to Olive Garden and decided instead of cooking we were going to go out to eat for the Day 1 official start date...

We all got loaded up and drove down to Coeur d'Alene and went to eat. Good thing about this dinner is the table was already set for us and no one had to cook or clean up. Always a plus in my book...

The meal was nice, my children and the one rented neighbor child we had with us, were on a good behavior day so overall it was a very nice dinner.


Yeah, we made it for day one. Equal stats.. 1 in 1... off to a good start!



  1. So, was that a two-hour drive to be able to eat at Olive Garden?

  2. Yeah, I seriously needed to get out of the house anyway or I probably would have just slept it away...