Saturday, January 16, 2010

1/16/10 - Day 2 Part 1 - Lake Coeur D'Alene Trip

So on this morning I woke up early and headed out to the market to do some grocery shopping that we didn't have time for the day before. The girls were still fast asleep from staying up so late the night before.

Albertson's had Dungeness Crab on sale cheaper than hamburger so I picked up some to have later today along with ingredients to make "JoAnne's To Die for Macaroni & Cheese" that I posted the recipe for.

By the time I got back the girls had already been to the pool and back so they unloaded the vehicle and I asked Megan if she wanted Crab or the Mac N Cheese for lunch. She chose Crab so we set the table, melted the butter, sat down and gave Megan her first lesson on how to properly break into a Crab.

She struggled a bit so I ended up doing a bunch for her but she did do some by herself and was sufficiently full by the time we got done so she didn't starve trying to break into her meal.

Still trying to hide some...

Also at one point the girls had started to put together a few gingerbread houses I picked up after Christmas... Madeleine's was having trauma while we were eating.

Another successful meal for the books... So far a very fun trip...


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