Sunday, January 24, 2010

1-24-10-Part 2- Even Better When I Don't Have to Cook Twice In One Day

The kids and I went to a friends house for Dinner. Had Salad, Spaghetti & a really good sauce that was nummy.... Oh and garlic bread...

I made something called Sin Cake that my friend Jessica gave me to make for dessert. It was really good also. Very rich but good. (Anything that has 2 sticks of butter to 1 1/2 cups flour for the crust should tell you something right there.) I didn't take photos while making it but I'll post up the recipe she gave me.... Did I mention that it is REALLY good?

Anyway, the kids all sat at the table and there wasn't room for my friend and I so we sat not far away. I'm still counting this as a Make-up meal because we were all in the same room.

The photo is pending because it needs to be emailed to me. I took it with my friends camera.

It was a fun evening...

(edited 1-26-10 to add the photos)

Eric's slowly getting the hang of submitting to my photos.... got the other 4 trained already... it only took Megan one weekend :-)

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