Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just a few photos from yesterday evening...

For some reason I've been noticing the clouds more  lately... There was such an array of them last night around the area. Some were dark and raining over spots in the distance and other's were those white puffy looking ones that you see on a sunny day...

The first one in the photos along with the ones around the sun following just caught my eye as really beautiful... (at the end of the post I'm putting some additional photos of Miss Molly helping me in the garden yesterday just because they are really cute.)

No, this is NOT in my yard... just had to add the photo here because it's another example of unique North Idaho yard art

Monday, May 30, 2011

Wow... The Water Is Really Rising...

Comparing the water level on the Kootenai river from last week to this week...wow... be sure to compare the dock, tree & sign...

Look at all the new green...

This morning I went out to uncover the garden beds and give them a bit of air since it looks like it is going to be a nice day today...

Look at all the new green that has sprung up... Sorry about some of the exposure. The plastic coverings were making a really bad glare on the camera so I was "shooting blind" without any view finder...

On the middle left is Celery

Bottom Left, Spinach - Middle left, Broccoli - Right Peas - to the right of the Spinach is the Cabbage and almost direct in the middle to the right of the Broccoli is Lettuce

Yeah... bright glare

Beets on left - Carrots on the right



Lettuce in back there and Cabbage in front

Onions & Garlic

So much more green than last weeks video

Beans are on the left - Brussel Sprouts on the right



Saturday, May 28, 2011

Backward is not my deal....

A little driving tour along the Canadian border that Hunter and I took last Saturday... for any of you who would like to come along for the ride...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Who Wagered on May??? You Won!

I am happy to announce that all you people who actually wagered on May as the finish date for the front yard project have won!

The dirt pile has been spread out, flower beds made & planted, grass seed spread out, roses planted, fruit & ornamental trees are all planted. What a project I tell you! The only thing left is to plant a couple Wisteria plants near the deck.

Here are the photos of the progress since last posting and at the end is a video I made this morning of it all completed.

My Square Foot Garden Raised Beds

I made a video tour of my new raised garden beds, that were planted using the Square Foot Gardening method, to give people a closer up view. Things are starting to grow and it's exciting to see as the weeks go by... Enjoy!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

North Idaho Yard Art

A video we made today... 
One of the more creative ways to display junk in North Idaho... most people just dump a big old pile in the middle of their yard. At least this person took the time & trouble to spread it out in a display.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dirt Pile Conquered... Now What?

This weekend as stated in my previous post we FINALLY got the dirt pile in the front yard all spread out and partially attacked with the rototiller.

Now I'm at a standstill on exactly how to make sure everything is fully level and I know we need to compress it all down before planting the grass seed.At least we got this far so that's an accomplishment in itself!

We also made another flower bed on the driveway side of the yard in the opposite corner of the other one. Sunday we planted the flowers inside and since we were at a standstill we went driving out in the hills looking for more rocks...

I learned how to use the video recorder on my cell phone and Window's live movie maker (my first video creation!) so I included a video of some really cool waterfalls, rushing creeks because of the snow pack melting too much and just some great views.... In addition to more area photos from yesterday that weren't in Saturday's drive.

Here's the photos of the all the yard work this weekend.... Even Dakota came outside and got some sun...
Dakota manning the weed whacker
I'm an idiot who wore a tank top but not sun screen so I got sun burnt.
The new flower bed went in the corner behind me in this photo
Savannah manning one of the shovels


 The video is about 5 minutes but I don't think you will be disappointed if you like waterfalls...