Monday, January 18, 2010

1-18-10 - Last Morning & Going Home

So this was the last morning of our trip. We had to be at the airport by 1pm to get the boys so we just had cereal for breakfast.

For all you health nuts out there I normally do not buy sugary cereal except on fun trips when we aren't watching what we eat anyway...

Once again Megan was being the perfect child for the photo and Madeleine was trying her hardest to just get me mad or to look like the biggest dork alive... pick one...

After eating breakfast, getting the car loaded up and the unit cleaned up we set Megan's facebook account up then it was time to go check out and get the boys from the airport. We stopped at a hotel near the airport so I could send out some leads to the sales people and Hunter called me 10 minutes early to tell me they were already waitng on the airport drive.

We went and picked them up and headed to take Megan to her house. Once there I used my friends computer to send out leads again and while I was doing that all the kids broke out the Wii game so we ended up staying a couple hours playing some games. I'm sure my kids had fun because they didn't want to leave but it was a school night after being gone for days so there was stuff to get done at home. It was a fun afternoon and I enjoyed it.
Eric hasn't learned to submit to my photo taking yet... it's only a matter of time :-)

When we got home I found out that the people who were watching my house scrubbed it down while we were gone go I was in total bliss going to sleep that evening... thinking I should go away more often so I can come home to a nice clean house.

The kids and I got some teriyaki chicken for dinner on the way home since I didn't know what groceries would be available to cook once we got there. The kids were starving and ate on the drive and I didn't eat until I got home so only one meal counts today which was breakfast with the girls.

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