Sunday, April 10, 2011

A New Direction - A Try at Gardening

Spring 2011 - Changing Direction ~ Initially when starting this blog we had a goal to sit down to dinner as a family for one whole year. Well, needless to say that didn't work out too good with our lifestyle. Our new direction is gardening as a family. It provides exercise as well as the opportunity for the kids to see the results of their labor.... We'll see how this goes :-)

Yesterday, Hunter and I went to Home Depot and he helped me pick out supplies to make some raised garden beds. We are starting out the cheap way using cheap lumber that they have marked down because of defects. If it goes well we will eventually make beds using better, longer lasting material.

We have supplies for 2 beds that will be 4x4 square and 10 inches deep and 3 that will be 4x4 square and 8 inches deep. I've decided to try the "Square foot gardening" method for our first run in addition to the planters I had last year on the deck.

Here's a shot of the garden plan so far. I am thinking of not wasting the space for the potatoes since you can actually grow them in black plastic trash bags instead to use less space.

Anyone have any input? Good, bad or otherwise?


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  1. First off, thanks for following my blog. If you have any questions, I'm always happy to help. That said, I can't really tell what your garden plan crops are, but do have a few comments from what I could see.

    First off, corn does best in a 4x4 plot of it's own, and unless you have a really bright hot place for it, it needs more space per plant than SFG can really give. I gave up on it.

    In your last bed, it looks like asparagus in the second row? If so, those are a perennial plant that takes a few years to take hold. You do plant crowns in early spring so now's a good time for them, but I'd find a better, more permanent spot for them. Strawberries are also a perennial that will take over the bed if you let them. I use them as ground cover around other plants and direct their runners to where I want them to go. It's fun!

    Lastly, it's great you're growing so much, but you may find growing 1 of something ends up wasting a bunch of seed as improperly stored seeds are far less viable the next year. Just a thought. I do love your ambition though!

    Let me know how I can help!