Sunday, January 24, 2010

1-24-10-Part 1- I Love It When I Don't Have To Cook

This morning Hunter cooked breakfast of Pancakes & Eggs. I wish I would have been able to record the sounds coming out of my kitchen for all of you but alas I didn't. I wasn't totally sure I wanted to even eat it but overall it turned out ok. Actually it's probably a good thing I didn't record it because I would have had to use the BEEP editor way too much. The pancakes were sticking on him and he was all frustrated. (It was funny to listen to though... )

His Papa John would have been proud because Hunter can make a pancake be about as black as his.... My dad's motto is "When it's smokin' its cookin'... When it's black it's done." All my friends remember my dad's pancakes with a can of corn added... they are legendary (not quite sure it's in a good way).

I also realized that I need to teach him how to use seasonings when cooking but that will come over time.

Madeleine set the table, I got off the phone, took the picture and then we ate (No Miss Molly did not eat at the table with us.. Hunter just wanted her in the picture).

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