Saturday, January 23, 2010

1-23-10 Not According To The Plan But Still A Good Day

So you may remember that as I went to bed last night I had great intentions of waking up early and making breakfast to get a Make-up meal in. We'll that was just a nice thought because it didn't happen. By the time I lounged around etc today I finally got dressed around 2pm.

I left shortly thereafter and met a friend of mine to go to a movie. We saw "The Book of Eli" and spent some time talking afterward. I had a very nice time... I can only describe the afternoon as comfortable for lack of a better word.

Tonights dinner was just Maddie, Dakota & Myself because Hunter went to a movie with Skye & Boyce. We had a pizza. I'm hoping to be able to sleep better tonight so I can possibly get in breakfast tomorrow but I'm not going to promise at this point.

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