Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You can do it at a trot... you can do it at a gallop...

Me & Hunter
For those of you in Washington remember the Puyallup Fair commercial song? I tried to find it on YouTube but wasn't successful... I did find this audio track though: Do The Puyallup Fair Song Ahhhh, memories of the most annoying commercial song that stuck in your head for months...

Alright, I did it... I went to a fair and I went on ONE ride... Hunter and I went to the Northwest Montana State Fair in Kalispell, Montana and  we met Skye, her Dad (Brian), and her Sister (Sylvia) there.

I had a good time but I just don't think I am a larger crowd type of person. I think I would have rather been fishing but I did enjoy the animals & the exhibits, which would have taken me all of an hour or two to see.

The best part of the day was the 5.00 I spent to watch Hunter get thrown off the mechanical bull, not only once but twice... Here's a video. It's only about a minute long and well worth watching:

Here are some pictures...

Skye's Sister, Sylvia

Skye's Dad, Brian

My one and only ride... Bumper cars, of course!

Brian and I teaming up on getting Hunter from two sides.

Hunter & Skye

Hunter & Skye way up there on the "puke me" ride

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