Monday, August 8, 2011

A weekend all about water...

It turned out to be a weekend that was all about water... Lakes, Rivers, Streams & Waterfalls. We took Skye's Senior photos by a lake and a waterfall, went fishing, tried to get Nana to swim (that didn't go over too well with her,) and generally spend most of the weekend by some body of water or another.

There are 9 of my favorite photos for Skye's Senior photos below. I need people to vote on which ones you like the best. Just please make a comment on which photo numbers you like.

Did you know if you slow the shutter speed wayyyy down on the camera that it shows the water flowing in a misty sort of way? (These two are my favorites of all weekend's photos that were taken... )
Here are the same shots without the shutter set faster so you can see the difference easily.
Now, back to Saturday. I woke Hunter up early and made him go with me up to Sinclair Lake to fish. I bribed him telling him if he was nice to me that I would let him drive the back road home and that seemed to work so he wasn't grumpy. We took Nana with us so she wouldn't be lonely at home.

While we were up there Hunter tried to get Nana to swim on her own. He forced her to swim but she wasn't happy about it.

Hunter even did some fishing and I did some fishing. I also took some photos for fun here at this lake. Hunter had to be at the school at noon for football stuff so we left early so he could drive home while I took some photos of more water places because I decided that would be my theme for this post.
My one and only fish (from this lake)... and yes I look totally bad.. it was a Saturday get out of bed and just go type of morning.

Proof that Hunter was actually fishing... this was his pole.

I know it's not water but I thought it was a cool shot.

Hunter went to football and we went home to rest during the hot day. Late afternoon we went to Dawson Lake with Skye so I could take some Senior photos of her. At the same time we had lines in the water... Skye won the biggest fish award and Hunter got the award for not just one, but TWO, of the dinkiest fish ever.
Hunter's dinky fish award #1

Skye's biggest catch of the afternoon award.

Another shot of the big fish.

Hunter's dinky fish award #2
Hunter finally got one worth keeping.

Hunter and Skye together.

Here are some of my favorite shots of Skye's Senior Photos (Unedited versions so far)...Most of these were taken on Sunday when we hiked to Snow Falls (first 4 photos of this blog post). The last photo is a shot taken at Dawson Lake on Saturday.









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