Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I miss the rain...

One thing that people always comment about Seattle is that they think it rains too much. I don't agree and it's one thing I miss the most from there. Every time I fly into California there's a haze over the cities that a good rainfall would clear up nicely.

On Friday when we went to Montana it rained some. Not just a drizzy but actual rain and I can't describe it but it smelled "fresh". There was even a rainbow showing that the pot of gold was over the saloon in Kalispell. No, I didn't have time to go in and find it.

I'm one of those people that like it to be, at the very most, 80 with a nice cool breeze blowing. We've been getting into the 90's with the air not moving. It was so thick yesterday afternoon that it was hard to breathe and tolerate. Needless to say we've been spending the evenings up at the lake because it's cooler than sitting around the house. The good side of this is that we've been getting a lot of fish to put into the freezer for wintertime. The bad part is that Hunter gets to scale & clean all of them today and there are quite a few... 6-Bass, 5-Perch, and 20-Blue Gill (a couple of these may be Black Crappies. I'm still learning to tell the difference.)

Blue Gill (Maybe some Black Crappies thrown in)

I miss the rain...Why is it we always want the weather that we don't have at the moment? I'd even take some snow if it wouldn't kill my garden off... I finally got my first decent size Zucchini from it yesterday.

I wish these were storm clouds and it would just rain one good downpour. Even for 15 minutes and clear up the air. We don't have smog like some places but we do have dust from the dirt roads around here.  I'm sure that someone's going to have to remind me that I said this later in the fall when it's raining constantly.

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