Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Work Trip.... Las Vegas has really changed....

Right after the 4th of July I went on a three week work trip. I flew down to California and from there JoAnne and I went to Tijuana a few times to help our patients there... then back to California and onto Vegas.

Here's some pictures of the TJ part of the trip...
Jamie & Alberto with Bibi behind us... (We actually really hate each other.)

Bibi, Jamie and JoAnne

Jamie & Joe
 While we were there Dr. Reyes took off a defective toenail I had.. he claims a new one will grow back even better than before... I hope so...
Dr. Reyes and Jamie

Jamie and Dr. Juan... he's relaxing after helping Dr. Reyes fix my toenail.

Now, because JoAnne felt that a little excitement was needed and she didn't want me to be the only cripple in the bunch during this trip, she dislocated her shoulder while sleeping at the hotel on Tuesday night.

We woke up Dr. Elmo at the hotel at 3:30 AM then he and I loaded her up in the car and took her over to the hospital. Dr. Reyes was already called and so he arrived shortly after and had already called a specialist to come over and put it back in place. She then rested the rest of the night at the hospital. Here she is the next morning feeling much better. Thank you Doctors for being there to help in the middle of the night!

Dr. Rod, JoAnne and Dr. Reyes
I found this interesting... did you know that you can clip rosemary bushes into different shapes or hedges?

The next part of the work trip was going to our new hospital location in Las Vegas. I remember going to Las Vegas in 1994 for a convention but I must have gone sometime in 2004 according to the MGM properties because they had me having a club card then. I must have gone with a friend that use to work for Alaska Airline and we use to just hop on a plane with no notice and come right back after a few hours...

Everything sure has changed.. we had a good time as well as working.. here's some random shots of the trip.

JoAnne and Teri

Teri and JoAnne working hard from the Resort.

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