Sunday, August 21, 2011

It just never would have happened before...

Yesterday I went Huckleberry picking with Auntie Nell & Marion... It was really an eye opener in a few respects....

There is no way I would have been able to hike up that hill through brush and over downed trees being 100+ pounds heavier. I wouldn't have been even able to tolerate just sitting still in the sunshine before and not doing anything remotely physical. It was really an eye opener... I did feel muscles last night that I never knew existed but it felt good that I did it and didn't give up.

The 2nd eye opener... I now understand why there are buyer's out there paying as much as 55.00 a gallon for the berries. It's really hard picking and I certainly won't be joining the groups of people up here who spend weeks picking and selling for their income.

It was relaxing though just sitting there among the bushes enjoying the great view & peace and quiet...

Today's adventure is that I'm going to the Flathead County Fair in Kalispell, Montana with Hunter. That would have never happened before either... I'll post later how that goes.
View from the "road"

View from the "road"

Nellie (left - back) & Marion (right - front) picking away.

Nellie back in there picking.

Marion picking in her spot.

View from where we hiked up the hill.

Pretty wild flowers were all around too...

Berry juice proof that I was up there :-)

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