Monday, May 30, 2011

Look at all the new green...

This morning I went out to uncover the garden beds and give them a bit of air since it looks like it is going to be a nice day today...

Look at all the new green that has sprung up... Sorry about some of the exposure. The plastic coverings were making a really bad glare on the camera so I was "shooting blind" without any view finder...

On the middle left is Celery

Bottom Left, Spinach - Middle left, Broccoli - Right Peas - to the right of the Spinach is the Cabbage and almost direct in the middle to the right of the Broccoli is Lettuce

Yeah... bright glare

Beets on left - Carrots on the right



Lettuce in back there and Cabbage in front

Onions & Garlic

So much more green than last weeks video

Beans are on the left - Brussel Sprouts on the right



1 comment:

  1. Wow, what a ton of green! Yeah, you did have an explosion of color! Great work. Good to see all that hard work paying off.

    As for your comments on my blog, I'm going to house my 4 chickens in there. They'll spend their days in the ark I built.

    As for coffee grounds, they are roughly 12:1 which is just shy off of 10:1 which is the perfect fertilizer. I like to think of grounds as the perfect free fertilizer. It doesn't burn and provides just about the perfect ratio of nitrogen to carbon. In short, everything likes coffee grounds, though I try to limit it to about 10% of my greens in my compost for diversity sake. Good luck!