Saturday, May 7, 2011

Conquering the Pile of Dirt & a Rainbow

First I just want to share some really cool rainbow photos taken from my deck on Thursday evening.

Pretty cool don't you think???
Anyway, slowly but surely we are conquering the pile of dirt from the previous post. I won a drawing at a local greenhouse and got a 25.00 certificate which I promptly spent plus some.

Today's project was to make a flower bed on one corner of the yard where it sloped down pretty steep.

(Sorry about the "during" photos being blue. There was an "effect" turned on with my camera and I didn't realise it.)

Hunter & Savannah (rented neighbor child) helped with this project & Dakota & Maddie did the clean up.

I think the finished project turned out ok.. I was trying to use material I had already and not spend anymore money. I put some of those plants that grow in rockeries (sp?) really well so hopefully they will grown & cover up some of the rocks.

You can click individual photos to view them larger...


  1. Love that garden...what is that body of water I see from your porch?

  2. The Kootenai River... I love my view!