Sunday, May 15, 2011

Going Exactly THREE ZERO...

Yesterday Hunter helped me in the yard with moving the rest of the pile of dirt and making another flower bed (post to follow about that.) As a reward we went on a drive and I let him man the controls of the vehicle so I could take photos.

Here he is driving AND telling me he is going exactly THREE ZERO when I told him to slow down...
Hunter driving & going exactly...

Madeleine, Savannah (rented neighbor child) and Hunter
I absolutely love the area up here and was having so much fun taking photos of all the shades of greens and blues, all the rushing creeks from the melt off, and the mountains etc. that I ended up taking over 250 of them. I thought I would share them... Yeah there's a lot, even after I deleted the ones that didn't meet my standards, but I just couldn't decide which ones not to post so here they all are. Enjoy!


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