Saturday, April 30, 2011

Taking Wagers On The Pile Of Dirt

Here we are, another Saturday morning where I can't sleep because I'm thinking of all the stuff I want to get done this weekend, but too early to piss off the neighbors with any noise. So I am sitting here making plans on what to do, how to do it, when to do it etc... Problem is that I'm great at plan making, it's the execution that never goes as I think it should.

I introduce you to my huge pile of dirt...
This was delivered last monday via dump truck and plopped down in the middle of my front yard (I'd say lawn but I don't really have a "lawn".... I have something that looks like grass (sometimes) and grows really great weeds & mini wild pansies all summer but not beauiful green grass.)

Hence, I now have a large pile of lovely, dark, topsoil-peat-moss-mix that everyone assures me will grow a beautiful green lush lawn even up here in the cold north. It probably will, as evidenced by the piles of dirt that you drive by at the nurseries. Their piles are all covered in wonderful green grass on the "backside" where they aren't digging it out and dumping into people's trucks.

The question is... will it grow a lovely plush grass when layed out horizontal and not in a vertical pile? That is the question I'm attempting to find out this year... I'll keep you posted with the answer IF we get as far as planting seed.

Now in interest of full disclaimer:
The garden beds (in previous posts) were suppose to be done in ONE weekend. It's now weekend #2. We still have to complete the hoop houses (I did cut them last night) and get the plastic sheeting attached.

I also had great plans to plant the Potato seeds, Asparagus crowns, Rasberry & Rose bushes during last weekend... that didn't happen either. We did get the dirt into the box & the grids laid out for the raised beds so that was something we DID get done. My plans never seem to match up to timing... it tends to be that everything takes 2 times longer than I plan or I have children that want to add their plans to my plans for the day...

With that fully disclosed, the plan for the dirt pile is to spread it out and to use the rototiller to mix it into the present yard. The next step would be to level it out nice, plant grass seed, water & hope like hell it grows...

I'm taking wagers on if we get this done:
1. In May
2. In June
3. In July
4. Between August - September
5. It's still a pile of dirt to be used as a launch for the kids to sled down in the snow next winter.

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  1. Nice pile! I'm guessing 5-6 yards, which is a ton of work to move. I don't know your work schedule, but I'd say July is a safe bet. That said, a pile such as that sat for a year in my folks yard though it was compost destined to be used sparingly in countless places. Best of luck and cover that seed or the birds will have a feast!