Saturday, April 23, 2011

You Just Gotta Love Men.... Sometimes...

My new garden is making progress thanks to Hunter and Papa Earl who have now completed the construction of my new raised garden beds. I just love men with power tools that keep me from having to do stuff like this myself. I get to do what I consider is the fun part... planning and planting!

The picture you see below is where we placed them yesterday to test the layout before digging the trenches and leveling them. The picture is a bit deceiving with the distances, there is 3 feet between all the beds for easy access. The very far one you can't see very well backs up to the rear porch and the fencing there so I can use as a trellis/support.

The white posts you see are for the hoop houses to go on top while the weather is still cold here and protect from any last minute frosts, which has been known to happen in June.

Being that everything got moved around I reworked the garden plan for each bed. The one on the bottom right of the plan below looks a little crowded but I want to experiment using the "three sisters" approach to Corn, Beans & Pumpkin/Squash.

The box that is on the bottom left of the plan is where I put the peas so I can use the little fence in the photo above as a trellis (it's the raised bed under the window there.)

Today I'm hoping that Hunter and I can finish leveling them up, putting the cardboard and garden fabric on the bottoms so we can move onto filling them with the soil mixture and putting the hoop houses on to start warming up the soil. We'll have to see how much actual progress will be made this weekend.

(*note - you can click the photos above to see them larger)

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  1. Looks great! Your family did a great job on them! I remember building my beds. Tons of hard work I'll never have to do again, now I'll be able to plant them and harvest from them forever... or until they rot and I have to do it all over again.

    Hehe, I just can't see my wife building beds any more than I can see her planting in them.