Sunday, December 27, 2009

12/27/09 - Final Test Run - Meatloaf

So this was the final test run.

I made meatloaf and had some of that really good bread left over. We had a rented neighbor children, Boyce & Savannah, with us.

Maddie & Boyce set the table this time around.

Here's the photos:

Don't they all look so thrilled in the last photo??? 

~  Jamie


  1. Yeah, they don't look too happy. Was that on purpose or are they just starving and wishing you'd get the pictures over with? Maybe you should let them eat first next time.

  2. They were annoyed because that was actually the 8th or 9th photo... all the previous ones someone wasn't looking at the camera.... by the time that was taken they just wanted the photo over with...