Thursday, December 24, 2009

Test run #1 (Christmas Eve) - King Crab

So today Hunter and I were at Costco and they had a great deal on Red King Crab. We decided that would be a good thing to eat tonight for dinner and make it our first test run.

We called Madeleine and asked her to set the table. She did a lovely job overall. She had a few errors that I coached her about for next time but she did try hard. I think she did a great job trying to make the table really special and even going as far as getting out the linen napkins & our place cards we had from Thanksgiving.

After we fixed the table and heated up the crab & butter we sat down to eat.

(Hunter, Madeleine & Dakota)

Hunter was with me all day long getting a Christmas gift for his girly friend so I asked Madeleine and Dakota what they did today. Madeleine watched all 3 episodes of Santa Clause...

Now let me tell you it is a dang good thing that TLC was having a whole day full of Deadliest Catch re-runs for Dakota to watch... He proceeded to inform us all about the food we were eating from Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Did you guys know that when King Crabs get too cold they shed all their legs and they look like "hockey pucks"?

After dinner Dakota cleared off the table while the rest of us put lights on our Christmas tree. Grandma Jeannie lent us some lights some of which were these really cool red lantern type... since I can't find all my lights or fireman ornaments at least my tree has something that's "fireman" themed so that makes me really happy.

Aren't the lanterns cute? :-)

Overall test run #1 was a success and it was a nice dinner with just the four of us.

I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas tomorrow.

Take Care,


  1. The table looks nice. I like the table cloth and placemats.

    Even though I prefer dungeness crab to king crab, it is a good thing you got king crab so Dakota could give you all the spiel about their origin, etc.

    Did Hunter find a present for his "girly friend." What was it? Is calling her his "girly friend" your way of being in denial over the fact he has a real girlfriend? Don't be in so much denial that you don't avoid talking to him about appropriate behavior, etc...

  2. Roxanne, those were napkins not placemats... she had two on the wrong side of the plates.

    Hunter found a present. It was a necklace and yes using the term "girly friend" is my way of not having to admit the fact he has a girlfriend but I am not so much in denial that I avoid talking to him...

  3. Bringing notes over from Facebook for the record:

    Michele Catoire your blog is hilarious. Reads like a script out of the Waltons.
    good for you ~ can't wait to see how it goes.
    Merry Christmas!
    Yesterday at 10:36pm ·

    Jamie Eberle Thanks Michele.. Merry Christmas to you also!
    12 hours ago ·

    Roxanne Eberle That looks like it went well.
    7 hours ago ·

    Jamie Rhodes- Ingraham thats great Jamie, your kids seem like they are going to really going to like this family time .
    6 hours ago ·

    Carolyn Myers Ishimaru I'm so proud of you for doing the dinner together thingy - we did that with all my kids, but unfortuantely it stopped there :)
    3 hours ago ·