Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lake Coeur d'Alene Work Trip - June, 2011

I figured I better get over here and post up all the photos of the week I spent at the resort in Lake Coeur d'Alene with JoAnne, Sharon & Sylvia.

We worked a lot but we did find time for some fun (the post below has a video of our sea-plane tour) and here are some of the photos of our week experience there.
Here we all are at Independence Point (front Sylvia, Sharon, Jamie. JoAnne is on the Moose)
Ok there is the MOST addicting game called "Bananagrams"... we played it a lot in the evenings after work. This is the one main reason why I was up past midnight every single day that week. For those of you that know me I'm a "go to bed with the sun and wake up with the sun" type of gal so this was so not normal for me.

The game is kind of like Scrabble but without the board or points. It's really fun!
Sylvia in her deep concentration
This was Sylvia's - Can she possibly get anymore vowels?

Sharon & JoAnne in deep concentration
Yeah! I finally won!

Going on a hike

This is the resort where we stayed - Arrow Point, Idaho

Some area views....

 No, we didn't stay here but just found it funny...
 Good place to eat... nice surroundings, good food & great service...
 Some pictures of the sea-plane tour over the Northern Lakes (video in posting below.)
 The skillfully packed trunk to head for home...

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